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  1. The sketches are all so wonderful! Are you selling greeting cards anywhere now? if not you should on RedBubble then make an Instagram account and publicize to all the Scottie owners around the world they would love your cards! We would publicize on Modern Scottie Dog too!

      1. Oh Red Bubble is very easy to sell from I tried with postcards with photos of Scottie collectibles from mine and my sister’s vast collections. Our shop is Modern Scottie Dog. I post on Instagram as Diorinspired. I love collecting all things vintage and was going to use that name as an Etsy shop. I have evolved from photo art directing to pro photograp(her) and use Instagram mainly to post photos of Angus and Winston and any other DSLR or iphone photos.

  2. You should also check out the illustrations and art of Bonnie Portraits (Bonnie is a gorgeous Scottie in the UK) on Instagram and Red Bubble and Archyscottie also on Instagram and Red Bubble! Oh more Scotteeeez! You will love. When my Duffy died Bonnie did some beautiful sketches for me to have of him. Those are on the blog back in early 2013.

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