It’s a Flumpsie Sort of Day


Ever since Jack got his own Instagram account (@JacktheScottie) he’s had a steep learning curve. What with meeting all kinds of critters from around the world who also have accounts. He is now friends with tons of pups of all breeds, cats of all shapes and sizes, rabbits, gerbils, and even a hedgehog. He has Scottie friends in Australia, New Zealand, Korea, Japan, Russia, Wales, the UK, Germany, Switzerland, and all over the U.S.

On Instagram, the universal language is the emoticon. Everybody speaks smiley faces and hearts, no matter what language you know. And this pose Jack is showing off in the photo above is called a Flumpsie. Or, in Instagram language, a #flumpsie.

This public service educational event has been brought to you by Jack!! 🙂

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