I’m Famous?

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I was featured in a workshop done by my mom at her conference in North Carolina last week. She was talking about Celtic Blessings and about her upcoming book, Christ Beside Me, Christ Within Me: Celtic Blessings. I got two whole slides in the PowerPoint presentation. And then Mom read this prayer she wrote about our daily walk. (You can sign up for emails about her book here.)

Bless to me this walk,
This street I travel twice a day.
Bless to me this companion, Jack,
The little dog who walks beside me.

Bless to me each house I pass along the way.
Bless to me each person I see.
Bless to me the bunnies and the cats,
The squirrels and the birds,
Our companions, our entertainment.

Bless to me the morning sky,
The evening clouds,
The peaceful time.
Bless to me this walk.

10 Responses

  1. Oh my, I love that blessing! Even my little atheist soul is touched deeply by it. When I walk Said I often do “Qi Walking”. I’m going to learn this poem by heart so I can say it as we walk.

    Said does not do “Qi” walking. He does “Wheeee! Walking”. And technically I’m not sure what he does can be called walking. It’s more like dashing this way and that. Maybe though, he’s just so excited to bless everything he sees.

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