Lost in the Woods

I took Mom out this morning for a walk. I chased a bunny into the woods and then Mom got lost. She should have been fine. She was carrying the long lead and there were not a lot of places she could go. But I could hear her calling for me and she sounded scared. I came back and found her. She was covered in spider webs, but she was fine. We went down by the lake, then, cause that always calms her down. I think I’ll take a nap now. 


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  1. Deborah Maria

    Ah, but what’s a vacation (that IS what you’re doing, right?) by the lake and the woods if a little getting lost and encountering other life forms isn’t involved? It would be like having a campfire without hot dogs or s’mores or something that requires burning. Tonight, rest a little. Gaze at the waning moon. And sleep tight, no spidery things, no lost dreams. Tomorrow, a new adventure! (love Jack’s style of telling a story!)

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