Captain Jack, The Water Dog

This place is great. They have a kayak that’s named after me (Jackson). And notice how the color matches my life jacket?

It’s a tandem kayak. That means there are two seats. One for Mom and one for me. 

My job is to help keep the kayak balanced. If Mom is leaning too far towards one side, I lean the other way. 

I’m also good at sitting on the bow and telling mom which way to go. 

This picture was taken right before I fell into the lake. (Big waves from a boat made me lose my footing.) Mom picked me up and put me back in the boat. She said all pups should come with handles.

12 Responses

  1. Deborah

    Handles! Love it. Sounds like smoother sailing for both than prior couple of days. Great colors. Do I sense “Halloween costume”?

  2. Elinor Madeira

    Ahoy there, mateys! I’d really like to see Arya in the kayak. Of course, then we would probably be fishing you both out of the drink! 🙂

  3. anne

    these are excellent photos!! you look so “right” sitting there on the bow, etc! I bet the mom was a bit freaked when you went overboard, handles notwithstanding 😉

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