Dear Diary

Dear Diary,

Last night, Mom came down into the Forest to “see what you have been barking at.”

There has been Something Suspicious there for a week. I have been telling it that I See It And I Am Not Afraid.

Mom said it was a Snake Skin “from Our Friend Who Eats the Moles.” She took a stick and chopped it up in little pieces. And when I tried to eat a piece or two, she covered it up with a pile of leaves!!! That was Not Very Nice. (It tasted like chicken.)

Now she is calling me a new name, “My Little Dingo.” (What’s a Dingo?)

Until next time.


12 Responses

  1. Funny girl. I remember sitting with Said in the front yard and then going in the house. 30 minutes later he was braking his head off, at a snake skin. The thing is though, I don’t’ think he barked at the snake. I did not chop up the snake skin, it was too cool. I gave it to the kid next door.

  2. Deborah Maria

    For a young pup, Arya really dairies well! I found photos and cartoons on Jack’s page and learned how Arya found her forever-home — and saw some really cute ‘toons of Jack. “Blessed are the treatmakers” is a winner.

  3. anne

    she is rather dingo-esque, this pup ๐Ÿ™‚ My George-pup also has had much to say to the random snake skins that he has encountered. Fiercesome!

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