Jack for President 


NASHVILLE, TN. Today Jack the Scottie declared his intention to run for president of the backyard. “I promise to be the best President in the history of this backyard. Nothing escapes my attention.” 

Jack’s campaign manager, Arya, had this to say, “He keeps his eye on the entire backyard. There’s no fluff with him. He is serious about watching. Everything. You may not be able to see his eyes, but that doesn’t mean he can’t see everything. I mean, everything. Birds, cats, squirrels. And his nose is amazing.”

Please seriously consider Jack for President. He’s the one for you. 

Paid for by the committee to elect Jack the President of the Backyard.

21 thoughts on “Jack for President 

  1. anne

    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 I am sure that Jack would be the most awesome Pres, of the backyard, and possibly, the country! Nice of Arya to give her expertise to this worthwhile campaign!

  2. Deborah Maria

    I’ll bet he’s a good Speaker of the House, too. When he speaks, the house listens — or he speaks again. And only when important.

    That Arya! Her look always amuses me. She looks like she’s always waiting for the next trick — the next amazing thing life is going to present to her.

  3. sue ellen

    Jack has our vote also !!! Need congress scotts from Florida ?? We have Lucy, ‘the mouth of the south’ and Mac ‘the mound of sound’ that would be happy to ‘run’ into those seats… =D
    ArOoOo ~~~~~~~~~~

  4. Said would like to know his position on Universal Health Care for dogs. There are many dangers in the backyard and every dog deserves protection from ticks, sticks poked in the eyes and the ever present skunks.

  5. Mary Z.

    Eliza, the Feline Party’s House Representative (N.C. District 12) asks, if traveling through TN.,how Jack, as Pres. of Backyard, would receive her. She has distrust issues. Perhaps Arya’s knowledge of Jack can manage this inquiry.

    • Jack is Very Interested in Felines, but, thus far, has not gotten close enough to one to sniff, lick, or investigate the Feline nature. She is wise to have distrust issues. Jack likes to play chase. You can never be to careful with those canines!

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