Dear Diary

Dear Diary, 

The whole family went to something called a Dog Park. We got in the car and drove a Long Way. Then when we got out of the car I could smell Lots and Lots and Lots of Dogs. I could not smell Any Cats. 

We went through a funny door and then Mom took Jack’s leash off. And he ran around and said hi to Lots and Lots and Lots of Dogs. There were Big Dogs and Little Dogs. There were Old Dogs and Young Dogs. 

Mom said I was doing Pretty Good and she took my leash off. And then I got to play with the Biggest Dog ever. It was called a Great Dane. But he was a Puppy like me. He chased me around and around but He Couldn’t Catch Me. 

We Walked and Played and Sniffed and Barked. Everyone was Really Happy. It was the Best Trip I Ever Took. 

I hope I get to go to the Dog Park again soon. 

Until next time. 


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