Presidential Election Update


NASHVILLE, TN. Jack the Scottie has been overwhelmed by the support for his earlier-announced campaign for president of the backyard. Campaign manager, Arya, commented, “We are so excited about the campaign. Obviously, we are still getting organized, but we hope to release Jack’s policy statements in the coming weeks. The treat jar is in the kitchen and a number of dog biscuits have already been pledged by eager supporters.”

In response for yard signs, Jack’s art department has been hard at work.

Please seriously consider Jack for President. He’s the one for you.

Paid for by the committee to elect Jack the President of the Backyard.





6 Responses

  1. Deborah

    So glad to see that Jack is acknowledging relaxation time. I went to St Paul’s UCC, Chicago, this morning. Found myself in a blessing of the animals service. Jack would have been in his element. And Ayra, excited. After a hymn, we were all commanded to SIT! Fellowship time snacks included animal and Goldfish crackers. No gummy bears. Pet treats were in abundance and water bowls in all the corners. We were all blessed.

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