Jack’s Platform

NASHVILLE, TN. Transcript of Press Conference on Jack’s Platform. 

Press: Tell us about your platform. 

Jack: What’s to say? I’m sitting right here on it. I really like to sit here and watch the back yard. 

Press: Your platform is a deck?

Jack: Yes, now that you mention it, I think the hoomans call it a deck. 

Press: I was meaning more, like, what is your position on squirrels ….

Jack: Squirrels?!

Arya: Squirrels?!?!?!?!

The transcript ends here with a lot of barking and scuffling. Watch this space for any other information we can recover. 

A.P. (The animal press association)

10 Responses

  1. Cathie Lyons

    I think Jack’s platform is strong, well constricted and perfect in size. Not too large, not too small. It is a perfect launching point for identifying and managing problems. Arya must be sure the platform’s step by step strategy keeps Jack from jumping off the deep end. Remember, Jack’s steady presence and oversight of a problem will be enough at times. He won’t even need to leave his platform or go astray.

  2. anne

    obviously, the press are not pup-savvy. which is a shame. (Jack looked devastated in his apology photo, poor old pup!) please let him know that his supporters do not thing less of him for being, after all, a pup

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