An Apology

NASHVILLE, TN. The campaign of Jack for President of the Backyard issued a formal apology late last night. “Jack would like to apologize to the press for the less-than-professional end of yesterday’s press conference. As well as sincere apologies for the loss of valuable camera equipment in the kerfuffle which followed. The campaign staff will work hard to keep such an event from happening in the future.”

Political blogger and analyst, Tracy B Ann, pointed out, “Just like the press to ignore the issues and focus on the silly stuff like bensquirrhelze’s!” 

The campaign staff agree that mention of “squirrels,” bensquirrhezes,” and other similar concepts added fuel to the fire of the candidate’s passion. However, this fact does not lessen the responsibility of Jack and his campaign manager in similar situations. 

Private sources confessed the candidate was “quite depressed about the whole matter. And he didn’t even see a squirrel!”

In other campaign news, Cathie Lyons has agreed to serve on the campaign committee in a rear flank position.

7 Responses

  1. Cathie Lyons

    Jack, it takes courage to apologize. Think of what you’ve learned as a new bone to chew on. Take it in and then move forward. Everyone makes mistakes. Keep your nose to the ground, eyes wide open, with ears held high.

    Remember this metaphor from the rear flank: there are times when unbridled eagerness requires a slightly tighter leash.

  2. Lisa Webb

    Personally, I think it’s an important quality in a President to be on the lookout for danger in his country and is ready to respond. Yea, Jack!

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