Dear Diary (Jack Edition)


Dear Diary,

Mom got a surprise today from Arya and me. We were Very Sneaky and sent a text to some cats we know in Oregon. We met them on social media. Mom said we might be In The Dog House for 1. Contacting cats we haven’t met and 2. Texting on her phone while she wasn’t looking. But she was smiling when she said that. And, anyway, we don’t have A Dog House.

Anyway, she got a Package from us (well, it was from the cat’s hooman, Deborah), with a Present inside.

FullSizeRender 4

And when she opened the package, she laughed out loud, all the way to her toes.

FullSizeRender 3

She let us play with the paper — that’s our Favorite part of Presents. And now when we wink at her, she’ll know that we are really talking to her.

She said to say Thank You to the cats and to our new friend, Deborah. And We want to say Thank You, too. Because we finally got to surprise Mom!

Until Next Time,
Jack (and Arya)

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