Jack’s Christmas Cards


Jack has a number of Christmas cards available at Redbubble. (See the holiday cards below.) There are also cards for birthdays, celebrations, thank you’s — and a bunch of inspirational quotes. If you order 8 or more cards, you get a discount. (Oh, and you can get the images printed on pillows, iPhone cases, tote bags, stickers, and other stuff.)

Redbubble prints the product and mails them directly to you — pretty cool. (Jack says that it’s a lot easier than drawing each one individually. And then he doesn’t have to deal with licking envelopes. Those things taste terrible. And the postage machine! That thing is so scary. He’s afraid that somehow he’s going to end up being shipped to Slapout, OK or Hygiene, CO. And the mail truck is so loud!)

Anyway, Jack said to tell you that he would be SO HONORED if you would check it out

Jack’s Christmas Dreams
The Friendly Beasts
Happy Holidays from Santa Jack
Merry Christmas Lights
Merry Christmas from Santa Jack

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