Dear Diary


Dear Diary,

Mom says it has been One Year Since I Came To Live At This House. Here is the story she told me:

“It was a cold night and you followed Jack and me home from the park. You sat on the front porch and you did not leave. It was going to be freezing that night, so we brought you in to sleep in Jack’s crate.

“We looked and looked for your family. We put up pictures and we posted your photo on Facebook. But we got lucky and got to keep you.

“You were a handful. You chewed up several power cords to computers, two pairs of tennis shoes (only one shoe each), and more than one set of ear buds. But you were also very smart. You were crate trained and you knew how to do your business outside (most of the time). You also knew how to Sit.

“Jack asked if you could stay and keep him company. So here you are: Arya — the Porch Dog. A special member of the family”

I don’t understand all the words, but I know Arya and Family and Jack and Mom. I like this Family a whole lot. I’m glad I chose them to be mine.

Until next time,

19 Responses

  1. theguster

    Congratulations, Arya, on your first anniversary with your new family! It looks like you chose a wonderful family to live with! Sending best wishes to everybody for a healthy, Happy New Year!

    McDuff & Mom

  2. Arya–you clearly found a wonderful family with whom to live! Your family-finding skills are clearly skillfully honed! Happy New Year to you and Jack and your moms! Sending love to all four!

  3. Marian

    Dear Arya, it is wonderful to get to choose your family. We chose our Rig, but he chose his chair within 30 seconds. Please give your Moms a happy new year kiss from us!

  4. Dear Arya: We’re so happy you found a “fur-ever” home. We like your photos with Jack, especially where you seem to be telling him a secret. Hope your New Year is full of even more love. Love, Sheena the Wonder Dog and Mom and Dad

  5. Deborah Maria

    Look at those photos — the change! Arya has matured and her confidence shows. Home – one of the best words in the world – makes all the difference. Secrets? Ooooh…maybe they will be revealed in 2016! Best wishes to all for peace, harmony, happiness.

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