Arya’s Thundershirt Review

Mom got me something called a Thundershirt  She says I have Anxiety. 

The first time she put it on me, I was sort of Scared. But then I got Very Sleepy. 


But when she puts it back on me, I want to Sit On Someone. My Mom, My Brother, anyone. 

OFF. on. OFF. on. OFF. on.

Mom says The Thundershirt Is Working. I Still Don’t Like to put it on. But Mom doesn’t Holler at me as much when I wear it.  She says, Good Dog, and lets me Snuggle. 

You should get a Thundershirt if you like to Snuggle. 

20 Responses

  1. theguster

    So glad to know your Thundershirt is working! I’ve heard many good things about them and you are proof it helps!

    Love the pix of you sitting on your brother to get a good look out the window! That is what I’d call ‘brotherly love’. Too cute!

    McDuff & Mom

  2. anne

    I also have heard good things about Thundershirts. I presume that over time, you will not mind putting it on (or maybe you always will?) but will enjoy the comfort it provides! happy 2016! (anything that makes Mom yell at you less is wonderful! 🙂 )

  3. Linda Crouse

    Wish they made thundershirts in hooman sizes,,, When I was a child, I was very afraid of thunder!! It is some better now, but the very loud bursts of thunder still scare me!!

  4. Marian Hogins

    Jack, does your Thundershirt help when squirrels make you anxious? My mom yells at me when I protect the house from squirrels on the deck. There are 5 of them and they are eating the birds’ seeds!

    Little Rig

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  5. moonovermountain

    OMG, Beth…you and Arya and Jack are just too darned cute!!! I Love all of your writings and photos! (Or rather Arya’s and Jack’s work, I mean!)

    Happy new year to you and Jenny! Hope all is well there! Hugs, Sharon Webb

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  6. I see such intelligence and perhaps sensitivity in Arya’s eyes. I think that thunder shirt might be something like the knit pants I put on when I’m home in the evening: Warm, Soft, Comforting.

  7. This is the first dog I’ve ever seen a Thundershirt work on. Here at my house it lowers Arya from a #26 on a rowdy scale of 1 to 10, to a mere #17.
    Jack is also VERY excited here at my house. I have 2 baby kittens here and he spends all day sniffing where they have been and standing excitedly at the door that leads down to the floor where they are.
    I will call him into the kitchen to get a biscuit and his little feet run very fast “fft, fft, fft, fft, fft” to get the kitchen. He does a quick sit, grabs the biscuit and “fft, fft, fft. fft, fft,” back to the door before I can even give him another biscuit.
    He is wearing a Har-Vest (another calming type of vest) to keep him from jumping over the moon about the KITTENS!!!!!!!

  8. Glad you got a Thundershirt to help with anxiety. Do you get anxious when you see your mom with it or are you getting used to it? Jack is probably enjoying the shirt while you wear it.

  9. Karen

    I’ve have recently gotten a rescue dog we named Lilly — part dachshund, part Jack Russell — talk about high strung! She is constantly barking at our son, not any one else. I might need to invest in a Thundershirt.

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