Jack’s Thank You Letter


Dear Special Hoomans,

Thank you for all the gifts at Christmas and before Christmas. You are very, very nice to think of me and my sister. I am older so I get to write the thank you letter. 🙂

First, my sister, Arya, wants to say Thank You to Myscha for sending her the CD of the Calming Music for Dogs. Arya likes it a lot. (She has Anxiety, you know.) I like it too, because when she is Not Anxious, she is Nicer to me. 🙂


Second, We got a Very Cute Christmas Tree Ornament that looks like Arya. That was a present from Mr. Deen and Mr. John and Sweetie. Arya was very excited because all the other Christmas Tree Ornaments look like me. Mom forgot to take a picture of it and now it is packed away until next year. (We will show you a picture then.)

Third, We got the coolest welcome mat from Mom’s friend Lynn. It has pictures of us on it. And I’m not afraid to walk on it like the Big Rubber Mat. We put it at the Front Door so that people will know we welcome Dogs (and Hoomans, too, but especially Dogs).


Fourth, Our Mom’s friend, Mr. Dave, gave us a door stop named Ian. Door stops are Very Important when the wind is blowing. Sometimes the wind blows the door closed and it is Very Loud. Door stops keep the doors from slamming and scaring us. Here we are sitting with Ian.


I wanted to chew on Ian, but Mom said that Wasn’t Polite.


And finally, we got the nicest Card and Christmas letter from our Kitty Friends in Oregon. (The ones we texted in the fall to have a gift sent to Mom.) Mom read the letter to us on Christmas Morning. Arya and I want to say Thank You and Happy New Year to Lucky, Happy, Peaches, Cubby, Tigger, Eddie, Charlie, and Deborah Marie (she is a Hooman, not a Kitty).


Thank you for all the gifts. We are so happy that you thought of us. We hope you come to see us and play with us. We have lots of toys and treats to share.

Jack and Arya

5 Responses

  1. theguster

    You and Arya are two very lucky dogs to have gotten so many great gifts from wonderful friends for Christmas! We must say, Jack, you wrote a beautiful thank you also.

    We love the door mat with the dogs!

    McDuff & Mom

  2. moonovermountain

    Dear Jack and Arya!

    I’d love to come and play with you! Ian is cute too but not as cute as both of you! Please give my love to your two hoomans! Our cats Charlie and Lizzie send you their love too. Sharon from Massachusetts

    Sent from my iPhone


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