Puppyrazzi Release Secret Video; Campaign Issues Denial


NASHVILLE, TN. The Puppyrazzi has released a video secretly recorded in the backyard this afternoon. The video, they claim, shows evidence of Jack the Scottie and his campaign manager, Arya, digging up dirt about potential campaign opponents.

Jack the Scottie is currently the only declared candidate for President of the Backyard. He announced his campaign in September, 2015. An unfortunate incident at a press conference in October led to an official apology from the campaign.

Early this evening, the campaign of Jack the Scottie issued the following statement: “Jack the Scottie and his campaign manager, Arya, were not ‘digging up dirt about potential campaign opponents.’ They were, in fact, checking the level of the permafrost as a part of research for future backyard improvements. We trust the public to ‘consider the source’ of this ridiculous accusation.”

Puppyrazzi video below.

8 Responses

  1. theguster

    I confess, I didn’t know about any of this until today. I am new to Jack The Scottie and enjoy his blog very much. That being said, I want to say that I offer my full support to Jack in his
    bid for President of The Backyard and would proudly cast my vote for him.

    The press, media or in this case, the Puppyrazzi, unfortunately don’t always play by the rules. They can be very biased and are famous for putting their spin on things and not fact checking facts. It is quite obvious that Jack and Arya are doing research for future backyard improvements. Shame on the videographer for trying to suggest otherwise!

    McDuff & Mom

  2. Deborah

    Something MIGHTY FINE in the permafrost under those leaves! Maybe it’s related to the mastadon and ancient giraffe remains discovered recently in Oregon. Nashville is on the same geologic plate, isn’t it? Bones are mighty fine findings.

    Politicians need boundaries. Jack and Arya seem to have good ones — that fence looks substantial, defining well The Back Yard with wood and wire (checks and balances). Adds integrity to the campaign and confidence for the constituency.

  3. May I offer Sammy and Lenny as lobbyists? They will be appropriately suspect in all their dealings but they are good at eating the evidence. I will wholeheartedly support Jack. I will pretty much support anyone not sporting a comb over.

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