Official Portrait


NASHVILLE, TN. On the eve of the backyard caucuses, the campaign of Jack the Scottie for President of the Backyard has released an official portrait of the candidate.

The candidate said, “I would be honored to serve as the President of this fine backyard. It is the most beautiful backyard in the city. I believe in food and fun for all residents. I promise to work for safe shelter and other improvements if you will put your trust in my leadership.”

Critics said that the official portrait of Jack the Scottie should have been taken IN the backyard.

Campaign manager, Arya, responded that “The candidate’s visits to the backyard have been temporarily curtailed since he recently had a bath.”

23 Responses

  1. Cathie Lyons

    Arya and Jack, it is most important that a candidate have a bath before the big day. Very wise on both your parts. Jack, be confident and know you have run a fine campaign. I will be there caucusing for you with great pride. May the force be with you.

  2. I have to agree with the critics here. How often will Jack be in the bath? If it’s often enough how will he have time to serve his constituents in the back yard? I’m not saying that the President of the backyard shouldn’t be clean but on the flip side I’m not sure OCD is a trait that is useful for the good of the backyard.

  3. Oh and sorry to go negative there. In the 2008 election I vowed to vote for the candidate with the biggest ears. By the time the primaries got to TN however Dennis Kucinich wasn’t running so I voted for Barack Obama. I didn’t regret it.

    Going by the same criteria for this backyard vote, Jack has my vote for sure and I think it speaks well of him that he is willing to show his ears for all to see just how clean they are.

    I think this is more a question for Arya but will there be campaign buttons in the near future? My bumper is full but I have 2 lapels on my jacket. I’m saving a spot for Jack.

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