Breaking News: Candidate’s Hair Is “A Curly Mess”

NASHVILLE, TN. Candidate Jack the Scottie, home from his election-planning retreat at Camp Tracy, went to sleep with damp hair and woke up with his hair a curly mess. 

Jack the Scottie is in a furious campaign for President of the Backyard. His opponent, Mr. P. Nut Squirrel could not be located for a comment. 

Entertainment news sensation, Josie the Cat, says, “The Campaign claims that ‘He just had a bath.’ But what candidate would go to bed wet?!? There must be more of a story there. (Perhaps a midnight rendezvous in the snow?)”

Campaign manager, Arya, says they are sticking with their story. “He takes a lot longer to dry than most dogs,” she explained. “And he’s afraid of the hair drier.”

9 Responses

  1. anne

    hopefully Hairdryer Fear won’t become a thing further on in the campaign ! (wouldn’t think that there would be all that many Hairdryers in the Backyard, but sometimes, candidates play on the Fears of the voters! 😉 )

  2. theguster

    Attempts to smear Jack about his curly hair sounds like much ado about nothing. It is Jack’s knowledge and ability to maintain the backyard versus Mr. P Nut Squirrel that is the issue here!

    McDuff & Mom

  3. He needs to be a bit more cautious, appearances count for a lot. And if Josie the cat’s innuendo sticks, he’s in for some tough days… These days the trolls are ever ready to pounce on any wedge they can find to destroy a candidate.

  4. WendyT8

    Personally, I think far too much emphasis is placed on hair styles. Josie the cat sounds like she is just jealous of Jack’s good looks and stylish flexibility. After all, how much does curly or straight hair impact upon Jack’s effectiveness in his desired post? None at all!

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