Candidate “In the Dog House” with Campaign Staff

Candidate for President of the Backyard, Jack the Scottie, is “in the doghouse” according to campaign staff. The candidate reportedly made a visit to the chipmunk den in the middle of a rainstorm. Attempts to encourage the candidate to return to shelter went ignored. Jack toured the back forty, checking the branch piles before stopping back by the chipmunk den for a last word. 

“It is Very Important for me to be familiar with the backyard in all its conditions,” Jack told his staff. “Especially here in the middle of winter, I wanted to give some attention to the chipmunks, an important constituency!”

Staffers were especially concerned since Jack was seen over the weekend visiting the exclusive Sylvan Salon for an extensive grooming session. (Pictures below, courtesy of the Puppyrazzi.) “He was so handsome,” a anony-mouse staffer confided. “Now we’ll have to brush him out again. At least the curls will be more manageable.”

Jack arrives at Sylvan Salon. (Above.) And looking quite dapper after his grooming session:


11 Responses

  1. theguster

    Never let it be said that campaigning is a piece of cake, or, in Jack’s case, a nice big bone! We understand his concern for the conditions of the backyard in winter and checking in on the chipmunks, but his timing was probably not the best after his recent grooming! We expect that once he returned to shelter, he was toweled off and enjoyed a good snooze by the radiator to dry!

    McDuff & Mom

  2. May I suggest a positive spin? Candidate Braves Elements to Connect with Constituency or something along those lines. Jack Cares He Was There. You get the drift.
    I, for one, am glad to see he isn’t so concerned with his coiffure that he neglects loyal followers.

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