Dear Diary


Dear Diary,

Yesterday was a Very Big Day.

First, early in the morning, we had an Emergency Call to The Neighborhood Watch. There was a Bunch of Stuff trying to escape from a Trash Can. I barked at it and it Did Not Escape.


We were coming home from the call and a Very Big, Noisy, Smelly Truck started coming down the street after us. It grabbed the trash cans and threw them into the air. My brother got Very Scared and started running for home. He thought the Very Big Truck was going to catch us, too. I wanted to smell that truck some more.

Then, in the afternoon, Mom said we could Go for a Ride in the Car. We went to see The Vet. My brother wouldn’t go into The Vet’s House until Mom told him there were Treats. We like Treats!


We went in a room and waited there A Very Long Time. I started getting Very Sleepy.


The Vet came and we had to stand on a table. He talked to us and felt of us. He said we are Very Muscular.

People came in our room with some Very Sharp Things. I Got Poked three times. Then my brother Got Poked four times because he was too wiggly. (Mom said he is like “A Bucking Bronco.”) But after we Got Poked, The Vet gave us Treats!!!!

We had to wait in the room so long that I fell asleep on Mom’s foot.


We finally got to Go for a Ride in the Car and we Went Home. Home is My Favorite Place.

Until Next Time.


10 Responses

  1. theguster

    Sounds like you two had a very busy day! Being part of The Neighborhood Watch is very important and you two are just perfect for the job. You never know what critters could be lurking inside those pails!

    We hope all the poking and prodding at the vet’s office was just a routine checkup and that you both got a clean bill of health along with the treats!

    McDuff & Mom

  2. Linda Crouse

    Arya, you just don’t know how lucky you are!! You have a mom who cares enough to keep you well, and you have a vet that gives you treats!! I don’t think my cat, Squirt, gets treats from the vet… But. I do care about Squirt and I take him to get shots and things that are important.

  3. Arya, Waiting in the office for a long time can be the pits… people like the vet are nice people to know but the sharp things and the things that aren’t treats that they make you swallow are not the things I like about them. I think they should have play spaces for four-leggeds and two-leggeds to play in while we are waiting, in addition to more treats…Blessings! Ann p.s. Tell your brother to work on those teeth because doggy breath can be a liability on the campaign trail. 🙂

  4. Deborah in Orygun

    Arya, you tell a very engaging story. That is a good trait for a Campaign Manager. Too bad you couldn’t smell the Big Truck more. It has many stories to tell. Maybe next week…

    You were a good partner for Jack at the vet’s office. Everyone needs a buddy there.

    The end of your story is the best: “Home is My Favorite Place.” Me, too. I got to stay home all day today. My cats and I think that makes a day wonderful.

    Rest well, my little furry, vigilant friend.

  5. Carole Vincent

    Dear Ayra, You and your brother are very brave! I hate going to the vet, and I cry all the way there and all the way back home. I hate going in my cat carrier, but at the vet’s, I refuse to come out of that safe, familiar little case. I would rather bite mom than let her brush my teeth, so I win that one! When I get home, I run away for a while, until it’s time to eat.

    Your new long-distance friend, Gaudet, the cat.

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