Super Chewies-Day Approaches; Candidate Has Busy Schedule


NASHVILLE, TN. As Super Chewies-Day Approaches, Jack the Scottie has had a busy weekend of campaign visits and consultations.

Jack the Scottie is a candidate for President of the Back Yard. His primary opponent, Mr. P. Nut Squirrel, has not been heard from in recent weeks. Mr. Squirrel’s campaign staff report that P. Nut is making visits to all his Winter Nut Stashes and should be returning to the back yard soon.

On Saturday, Jack attended a Meet and Greet at The Two Rivers Dog Park. The first warm day since January, the park was filled dogs and hoomans, giving Jack plenty of opportunities to sniff out allies for his campaign. He made an especially great connection with the Miniature Schnauzer Caucus led by Doc and Roni. Jack received a much-needed campaign contribution (a blueberry treat) from Doc the Schnauzer’s hooman.

Jack meets a new dog as he is leaving the park (below).


On Sunday, Jack made a thorough inspection of the back yard, especially noting the fallen tree branches. He visited all five branch piles.

Jack said, “I have confidence in my chances for Super Chewies-Day. I feel that as I share the story of our back yard, the momentum behind me is building. Everyone wants a nice back yard to play in.” Arya, Jack’s campaign manager said, “I’m looking forward to Super Chewies-Day. Chewies are my Favorite Thing.”

The campaign released a photo of a reflective Jack taking a break between meetings in the back yard.


11 Responses

  1. theguster

    Goodness, Jack, you have been the busy candidate! Between the Meet & Great and all the butt sniffing at the park on Saturday and the inspection of the back yard Sunday you must be exhausted! Now you need to rest and be refreshed for Super Chewies-Day. We have our paws crossed and are confident that this race will have Mr. P. Nut losing his balance and falling off a tree limb pretty soon!

    How are the polls looking?

    McDuff & Mom

  2. I’m concerned about the 4th picture up above from the meet and greet… has Jack assumed a submissive posture to the new acquaintance and is this, humility born of too many lenten devotionals or should we be concerned about other issues at play… at the very least this looks to me like this was a sniff & meet event…

  3. Deborah Maria

    Continue to leap into the issues, Jack! Tomorrow may be a perfect extra day for such action – at the dog park again or at least in your own back yard! Branching out is a very good thing. Sunshine is so inviting.

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