Campaign Update


NASHVILLE, TN. Jack the Scottie, candidate for President of the Back Yard, and Arya, his campaign manager, discover an abandoned puppy-tent across the street. Responding to a neighborhood watch emergency call, Jack and Arya determined that the tent had been left behind by the Puppyrazzi, who had been seen earlier in that location.

Later in the day, the tent was missing. “Probably, the Puppyrazzi Snuck Back and picked up their Puppy-Tent,” Arya said in a hastily-called press conference. “They are not the Most Organized Lot.”

When asked about Jack’s opponent, Mr. P. Nut Squirrel, Arya said, “Mr. Squirrel has not been seen lately in Our Back Yard.”

Anonymouse sources have leaked footage of Arya’s daily mad chases of Mr. Squirrel from the Back Yard Deck. Arya had no comment on this story when questioned by the press core.

2 Responses

  1. theguster

    Thank goodness Jack & Arya remain involved with the neighborhood watch group! We hope the puppies weren’t in any danger ever, and that their tent being temporarily left behind was just a fluke!

    We also give kudos to Arya for her vigilance in keeping Mr. Squirrel from the back yard! Squirrels, like mice, are rodents and need to be controlled! It might be a good idea to post signs saying “Not In Our Back Yard, Mr. P.N. Squirrel!!!!”

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