Dear Diary


Dear Diary,

At our house we have Something called Breakfast. It is where Mom gets our bowls and puts Food in them. It is my favorite time of day! Except for Dinner. And Treats. And the Bouncy Ball Game.

Sometimes Breakfast takes A Very Long Time. We get up and then we go outside and then we have to wait for Mom to eat her breakfast. I get worried that Mom will Forget Breakfast! So far she hasn’t forgot breakfast. But since it takes A Very Long Time, I have Activities to help me while I wait.

Sometimes I chase my tail while I wait for my Breakfast.

Sometimes I watch the clock while I wait for my Breakfast.


Sometimes I just take a nap.


I hope Mom Never forgets my Breakfast.

Until Next Time.


11 Responses

  1. theguster

    I wouldn’t worry, Arya! Mom’s don’t forget important things like Breakfast! And we’re very impressed with how you chase your tail and pass the time till you get to eat!

    McDuff & Mom

  2. Annie

    Dear Arya, Has anyone ever told u how photogenic you are? Truly, I believe u are a Natural Dog with much Paws in front of the camera. Did ur Mom ever say you are a Model Dog? I thought u might need to hear it from another Hooman.

      1. annie

        Hi Arya! Because you asked, I have given thought about what is a Model Dog. I have observed these Model Dog Qualities from the photographs Mom has posted. 1) You have Long Legs as a Model Dog 2) You can Strike a Pose and Hold Still as a Model Dog and 3) You have a Look of Giving an Attitude as a Model Dog.
        Additionally, I have a feeling that you have Attracted Attention as a Model Dog in your position of Campaign Manager for Jack. Ask your Mom if my observations and hunches are accurate.
        Your Model Dog Admirer,

  3. Deborah Maria

    Arya, I love to know your thoughts. Do you have any idea how far you have come in a year+?! You are doing great, Girl! Jack, as your good buddy, has helped. Where would he be without you as his Campaign Manager?! And Mom – life would not be the same AT ALL without Mom. Moms are good news.

    Arya, I am going to let you in on a little hooman secret. Shhhh…don’t tell the others.

    Hoomans have this thing called Hot Drinks. Hot Drinks keep hoomans HOOMAN early in the morning (and at other times). Hot Drinks are quick to fix and come in several colors and flavors. You wouldn’t like them yet they make hoomans smile.

    I was thinking of the Long Time you have between Dinners and Breakfasts. It’s enough to make a Canine FAINT WITH HUNGER! Does Mom remember that it’s like…um…a whole turning of the clock between Dinner and Morning Outs? Maybe she could have a Hot Drink while she fixes your Breakfast. Then you and Jack could eat while she fixes HER Breakfast. Would you be quiet while she eats her munchies? Do you have Breakfast then take a Nap? I like to Nap after a meal. It’s because I am older, they say. That’s okay. I like Eats and Naps. Maybe you can tell your Mom that the Cats in Orygun said to tell her about this Method. They get Breakfast First. They outnumber Mom. There could be Mutiny, otherwise.

    You are a Patient Girl. Patient Girls get hungry, too.

    Soft pats from your friend in Orygun, Deborah

  4. Deborah Maria

    You have a very pretty Waiting Rug. It looks good under you – warm and bright. Is it Your Very Own? I do not see Jack there.

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