Dear Diary. Love, Arya.


Dear Diary,

The Best Thing has happened!! There is a New Invention that has come to our house. It is called A Dog Door. It is just for Dogs Like Me to go In and Out of the House.

A Man came two weeks ago. When he left, then we had The New Dog Door. It was The Best Day of My Life. I went In and Out and In and Out and Out and In. When I don’t feel like going all the way out, I can peek out the door.

I like to Run Outside and Scare the Squirrels off My Deck. Mom says it makes me very tired by bed time. Mom closes the door at night. But that’s ok because I am Asleep then, anyway.

I love My Dog Door.

Until next time.


10 Responses

  1. theguster

    What a great idea, Arya! Your have a really thoughtful Mom to think of doing that. How about Jack, does he make use of it also?

    McDuff & Mom

  2. Cathie Lyons

    So happy for you, Arya. Really puts you more in control of the back porch and the back yard, along with Jack, of course.

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