Convention News: Arya’s Acceptance Speech


NASHVILLE, TN. Saturday’s Puppy Party Convention saw speeches by Jack’s friends and supporters. Sweetie, the miniature Schnauzer from next door, praised Jack’s ability to welcome new puppies and teach them how to play.

Turbo, the Husky-Australian cattle dog from the other next door, said that Jack, though short of stature, casts a big shadow in the back yard. Especially late in the evenings.

Doc the Schnauzer, representing the Dog Park, lauded Jack’s friendliness to both pups and people. “I have seen him, many a time, take a moment to greet every hooman and pup in the park.”

The prime time slot in Saturday’s agenda was filled by Arya the Porch Dog, Jack’s pick for Vice President. “Parts of it sounded slightly familiar, but I thought her speech was classic,” one delegate said, “I would expect no less from such a classy canine.” (See clip below from her acceptance speech.)

Tomorrow’s agenda will feature more presentations from Jack’s supporters as well as a prime time speech from the candidate himself.

6 Responses

  1. Deborah Maria

    Laughing……….not at Arya, though! It’s the whole political scene these days.

    Ah…fear…how true. Fear and greed = the roots of mankind’s problems. Thankfully there are women-kind and dog-kind who help smooth the path. (Cats, I’m not so sure.) What on earth am I saying???

    I hadn’t quite imagined Arya’s voice like this. She WILL be a grand singer one of these days. Her eyes draw her audience close. Such alertness. Nothing escapes her.

    Oh, lawsee……what events in a Tennessee backyard! 😉 I do hope the Puppy Party Convention included suitable treats – chewies, savories. I can hardly wait to read about Day #2. This opening was a howling success!

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