Jack the Scottie Announces Running Mate


NASHVILLE, TN. Jack the Scottie, presumptive candidate for President of the Back Yard, called a press conference late last night to announce his choice for Vice President. In a surprise move, he has picked Arya, his Campaign Manager.

Arya the Porch Dog is a dog of mystery. She showed up on the porch at the age of 3 months. Her biological beginnings and breed are unknown at this time. She is known as a loyal, fairly obedient dog, intelligent, and funny. In addition to previously serving as Jack’s campaign manager, Arya plays the role of enforcer and announcer for the back yard and the house.

“Arya has the energy and drive needed for such a position,” the candidate said. “She is on the go, go, go, nearly all the time. And then she just falls asleep in the middle of the sitting room floor. That’s the kind of pup we need on the ticket. I’m laid back. She’s fired up.”

The Puppy Party will hold its Back Yard Convention this weekend. It is likely that Jack’s candidacy will be confirmed.

The Rodent Party holds its convention next weekend. presumptive nominee, Mr. P. Nut Squirrel is expected to be confirmed as the candidate. There have been no leaks from his campaign as to his choice of running mate, although it is expected to be another squirrel rather than a mouse, rat, or marmot.

13 Responses

  1. theguster

    This is great news and a great choice! Often times we fail to see the best thing right under our very own wet noses, but Jack did! They compliment one and other and will make a great ticket;
    Jack & Arya – Building A Better Backyard!

    We are looking forward to the convention and wish them good luck!

    McDuff & Mom

  2. annie

    Oh, the Reality of this campaign has taken me beyond the Conventional! I’ve been expecting that Jack would Pop a Question of a different type and logically Propose that Mysterious Model Dog Arya be First Lady! Instead, she most likely will become Jack’s Running Mate in the Backyard. May I offer “Back Jack” as a back up slogan? Better yet , Arya might harken..uh, “barken”, “I’ve got your back, Jack!” And a Model Speech might have the entitlement, “Keep Mouse (and its relatives) out of the House”. Our world is better by this Joyful Journalism …keep the posts a’coming!

  3. I am assuming that Jack and Arya are centrists who given their residence in the big house are slightly beholden to the 2 legged colonial powers. And given the tendency of P Nut Squirrel and others like him to hoard I am assuming they represent the hoarding-wing of the electorate. Are their any candidates representing other interests in the backyard?

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