Jack’s Acceptance Speech


NASHVILLE, TN. An emotional and action-packed day at the Puppy Party Convention has ended with the acceptance speech by Presidential Candidate, Jack the Scottie.

In a thirteen-minute speech Jack created an atmosphere of hope and happiness for the future of the back yard. (Watch an excerpt from his speech below or at the campaign website.)

This week, Jack hits the campaign trail, which, by the way, has grown up quite a bit during this summer.

13 Responses

  1. great luck in securing a great speech writer… But just between us did the POTUS really have time to join your campaign or did the FLOTUS help? I’m a fan of both but I’m really jealous if you got to work with the FLOTUS on your speech. She’s amazing and that would explain all your running around in this morning’s post….

  2. theguster

    Eloquent speech and delivery! You spoke from the heart, Jack, showing us the sage Scottie that you are!

    **************** Jack & Ayra – 2016! ****************

    Good Luck!
    McDuff & Mom

  3. Myscha Crouch

    Jack so impressed by your public speaking skills and your thoughtfulness in crafting your message. You really do have a top notch campaign organization. The Back Yard has great things to look forward to in the days ahead.

  4. Marian Hogins

    We sincerely hope that ticks and fleas do not choose to demonstrate along the campaign trail. An advance party of deer perhaps?

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