The Olympics: Hole Digging and Other News

Pro Dec15- - 42

OLYMPICS NEWS UPDATE: Jack the Scottie, candidate for President of the Back Yard, earned another Gold Medal at the Puppy Olympics. This time, the event was Hole Digging. Not surprisingly, all the medal winners were Scottish Terriers. An unnamed political analyst said, “This should help Jack’s campaign quite a lot. Voters really like a well-rounded candidate. And hole digging can come in quite handy when you are penned in by a serious problem.”

In other news from the Olympics, an unnamed canine dug through to the water sports arena next door to hole digging. Water sports events for today have been postponed due to the need to clean up mud from the pools.

8 Responses

  1. Deborah

    Astonishing! The wee lad and his comrades are fluff and ears above all other diggers. So proud of them!

    And mud – what a development! Mystery digger, eh?

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