Dear Diary: The DNA Is Almost Here


Dear Diary,

Oh, oh, oh, I am so excited. My DNA results are nearly ready. I got a picture from the DNA people of my Genetic Code. I don’t know yet what it means, but it will be coming Very Soon!

I have so many Hooman Friends who have been helping to guess. I Love Them!! They are SO NEAT-O. Here are their guesses. If anyone gets the DNA right, then Mr. Squirrel will send a Donation to a Puppy Charity. (He is Not Very Happy about that. Hehe.)

I want to tell everyone Thank You for being such Good Friends.

Until next time (SOON!)



Roberta — Beautiful, Elegant, Strong

Sandy — Great Dasenji

Sharon C. — part fun-loving, part wonderful, and part adorable. Part Sadie in you!! Mainly the spunky, goofy, loving parts.

Phyllis — A hint of Boston Terrier

Ann — noble features

Julie — Basenji, egyptian

Mary — Curb Stone Setter

Harriet – Awesome

Dana — hahaha

Ann H. — Mexican Hairless Terrier

Micah — Middle TN cowdog

Gayle — Middle TN cowdog along with some Chattanooga Chihuahua and perhaps a little Berry Hill Basenji

Sharon W. — Jack Russell Terrier and part Chihuahua. Whatever you are, you’re beautiful!

Pamela — You always make me happy.

Annie — You are a precious “child” of God …and that is all that matters.

Patricia — Well, whatever kind of dog you are you are beautiful. And you have very long toes. you are a Great Dame.

MOONOVERMOUNTAIN — Arya makes ME laugh and laugh! (Tehe! Tehe!)

Deborah — Love Dog — I am thinking a lot about Basenji. You look Basenji. Absolutely a pedigreed GREAT dog. Irish terrier?

Anne — I think you are adorable. (and noble and regal and elegant) (and just a wee bit silly )

Dorothy J. – Whatever the results of that DNA test, you are God’ own beautiful, unique creation, full of courage and strength. (But if you’re hoping for Great Dane, I’m right there with you.

Cynthia A. – Arya, you come from a very prestigious heritage. Your breed is “Rescue,” and it can be found all over the world.

Sally — Arya is of German, Australian and African decent!
(German Pinscher, Australian Cattle Dawg, Basenji).

Jan and Chloe — American!!!

Wendy T. — Chihuahua, Italian greyhound and Jack Russell terrier.

Karen G. – 50% basenji, 50% fiest.

Kathy – Arya is 100% dog created by God as one if his beautiful creations.

The Guster and Mom — We are thinking Arya is 25% Corgi and 75% Basenji.

Myscha – I suggest our Ayra is 25% Jack Russell and 75% Rat Terrier but 100% Princess.

Elizabeth – I am thinking a lot of Basenji and a little bit of Australian Cattle Dog. And 100% elegant.

Tracy – Dingo who barks a lot.

6 Responses

  1. Yes, I too thought she was a Basenji from her pictures. Then I met her. The thing about Basenji’s is that they don’t bark. (Though she could be a Basenji with ADD, would that show up on a DNA test?)

    She does a thing that is distinctive to terriers – that is to walk slanted sideways a bit while on a leash. Slanted away from whoever is holding her leash.

    She is beginning to have the marks of a blue heeler on her feet also. Just a fancy name for an Australian dingo dog and the closest thing we have to feral here in the US.

    Really I should just google “dogs who kiss the most”. She kisses as much as she barks which is only one of the many things I love about her.

  2. Deborah Maria

    What a community Arya has!

    Is it too late for another suggestion? Has anyone mentioned (part) Schnauzer? “…small with a larger-than-life personality and can be counted on to alert you — loudly — to anyone at the door…smart and athletic and makes a wonderful watchdog, and although a natural tendency toward barking, that can be curbed through training.” Or a Coonhound – “talkative…renowned for speed and endurance…typically gets along well with humans and other dogs.” (Stands at attention like Arya does when alert to DANGER.)

    One thing’s for sure: my spelchekur had a field day with Arya’s Unique Genetic Signature! I only now got it calmed down. 😉

    I see truth in all the responses – and love. Can hardly wait to hear the DNA test results! We know that Arya passed that test with flying colors. Bring on the celebratory hot dogs!

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