A Letter from Jack


Dear Deborah,

Thank you for the box you sent our family. I could tell right away that there might be TREATS in the box. Mom let me sniff and sniff the box before she opened it. I pushed it around the kitchen floor and I could tell that it was a good thing to open.

Mom showed me the things inside — all the neat things that you and Flat Jack got in Scotland. Mom loves the post card of the dogs reading the guide book. (I like to read. Arya likes to chew.)


Mom also really likes the magnet and the mug. She is going to drink her coffee in the mug and dream of Scotland. And she really likes the “wee, sweet magnet.”


But the BEST PART of your box was the TREATS!!!!!! We have never had TREATS from Scotland before. Mom said we will have them “Later.” I don’t know when that will be, but our mouths are watering.


So Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!! Arya thanks you. And Moms thank you. And I thank you.

We love you,

P.S. Say Hi to the Cats for me.

P.S.S. And say Hi to Flat Jack, too.

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  1. Deborah Maria

    Awww…how sweet! Jack, your thank-you letter made my day. WOOF! I hadn’t thought of your being able to tell that there were treats in the box yet of course your fine terrier nose would reveal that. What fun – pushing the box around on the floor.

    My cats like knowing that you and Arya have doggie treats. They like kitty treats very much. Our neighbor cat Stevie, who sort of lives in our front yard (he likes our home), likes his daily treats, too. All God’s chill’uns like treats.

    Today was a patio day for us. We got to be outside for HOURS. It’s grand to be in the sunshine or under a shrub or in the flower pot where the catnip grows.

    Mom went on a catio tour and saw some pret-ty fancy places where cats play in the city. As she drove, she heard a radio program (This American Life) where people in NYC talked of getting their terriers together one evening a week to let them remember they are terriers. They get to chase… well…let’s just say rodents. Do city dogs forget how to be dogs???

    Flat Jack has been resting. He needs an adventure. He likes sight-seeing. He was very busy in Scotland. Mom will put his photos together soon.

    Tonight, dream of treats and good times, Jack and Arya. The very chewy treats should please Arya.

    Does Jack like the doggie door better now?

    Lucky and Peaches and Tigger and Cubby and Charlie and Eddie and I love you, too! I think of you as my wee grand-dogs.

      1. Deborah Maria

        Hello, Jack and Arya! How nifty to find your note today. I would love for Jack to meet my cats. We would have to plan that very carefully – as a friendly campaign. My cats do not know dogs. They hear one thru the fence and get hyper-alert.

        Arya, keep chasing the squirrels in your neighborhood. Those New York City rodents might be a bit ferocious, even for a Wolfy.

        Flat Jack is a good ambassador.

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