Jack the Scottie’s Great Influence on the Polls

NASHVILLE, TN. The candidates for the Puppy Party in the campaign for President of the Back Yard took a walk yesterday to check the polls. Jack the Scottie and Arya the Porch Dog examined polls within walking distance of the Back Yard. Trailed by campaign staff, press, and puppyrazzi, the polls were closely scrutinized and deemed favorable to Jack’s election chances.

Campaign officials released a statement which stated, “Jack and Arya were Very Pleased at what they found at the Polls. They are encouraged that the Polls favor Jack’s campaign by a significant margin.”

Jack and Arya returned to Campaign Headquarters and spent the evening playing with balls, chewing on rawhide, and wrestling. “We had fun,” reported Arya.

11 Responses

      1. Deborah Maria

        Maybe some snow or December pleasantries will fill the void left by the end of the campaign. There’s always the build-up to inauguration!

        We can only imagine Jack’s speech from the edge of the deck and Arya’s position in the parade – if not the celebratory ball!

  1. Deborah Maria

    Everyone’s looking hale and hearty! Taking things in stride (many strides make a good walk) is healthy. Keep posting about the posts…or poles…or polls. πŸ™‚ The suspense is almost more than I can take.

    Sympathetic campaign going on in my back yard. Cats had stand-off/stare-off with squirrel today. I put peanuts on top of fence for squirrels. Cats spied squirrel and sat below, mesmerized and DARING squirrel to come along top of fence. Squirrel oh-so-much wants those peanuts but at the cost of being near cats??? Nuts will be gone by morning as cats are indoors now.

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