It’s Finally Here


NASHVILLE, TN. It’s finally voting day (season) in the campaign for President of the Backyard! (Voting starts today and continues until all the woodland creatures have made it to the polls. We’re not sure when that is — woodland creatures are very transitory.)

All the candidates finished with strong closing statements.

Jack and Arya, photographed here by the official campaign photographer, Howard T. Ezell, ended their campaigning at the Dog Park. They reminded all canines and hoomans to do their civic duty and “Vote, but don’t bite anyone.” #votebutdontbiteanyone

Mr. P. Nut Squirrel and his running mate, C. Ariel Squirrel appeared at the National Union of Tree Troopers and Extraordinary Rodents (NUTTER). (Ariel, a Southern flying squirrel, nocturnal, made a rare daytime appearance for the rally.) Squirrel told the NUTTERs that “Fall is here, but Winter is coming.” The whole group took up the chant, “Winter is coming; it’s time to Sleep!” #winteriscomingitstimetosleep

And so, dear friends, go vote, but don’t bit anyone.

8 Responses

  1. Deborah Maria

    Look at those profiles! Profiles in Anticipation!

    My voter’s hat is doffed to Mr. Howard T. Ezell for his excellent photographic work.

    We can’t take a bite out of the polls??? Rats…but that’s another party……..

  2. Also, for full disclosure, I’m writing in my candidate of choice, a hummingbird that frequents the back porch. I hate to go all 3rd Party but I think it’s time for one of the little guys to be in charge.

  3. theguster

    We’re feeling pretty confident with this election. Jack and Ayra hands down! Look at that great picture of them today! That’s a winning team!!!!!

    The other election taking place today? Not so confident.

    McDuff & Mom

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