Dear Diary. The Tail.


Dear Diary.

There was This Tail. It belonged to Jack. But he left it right there in front of me. Right above the bed where I was sleeping.

I couldn’t believe it. I couldn’t help myself. I couldn’t resist.

But every time I moved closer to The Tail, Mom sounded Very Angry. I would never hurt The Tail. But I wanted to pull it Just A Little Bit.

Then Jack moved. And The Tail moved, too. Oh Well. Maybe next time.


6 Responses

  1. theguster

    Tail pulling is never a good idea, Arya. When you see Jack’s long, thick furry tail hanging out again, resist the urge to pull it. Things could get ugly. Moms know best!

    McDuff’s Mom

  2. Deborah Maria


    Arya, I totally understand.

    Whew…it’s a good thing Jack moved. Somebuddy might have been in Big Trubble.

    Look how furry Jack is! He must be very warm – and SO relaxed.

  3. anne kirchgraber-mckee

    reminds me of that classic tail about Eeyore’s tail…….. 🙂 Our corgi, Sox, has very “limited” tail and is very fond of pulling the tails of his cat and dog brothers, who both have luxurious tails. He also gets spoken to , sternly

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