A Goat Mystery 

Dear Diary,

I would like a goat. Jack and I have cousins in Oklahoma who have six goats. So I think I should have one!

There was a Goat Mystery this week. My cousins, an Aussie and a rat terrier helped! 

Here is the story told by their mom, Kim. 

Came home last night and half of my goat herd was missing (Buttermilk, Chaco and Rocco). Found them 45 minutes later LOCKED IN MY HUSBAND’S CLOSET…. But HOW?

I can’t even make this stuff up! 

No gates were open and doors to the house were all locked. The remaining goats didn’t seem traumatized or nervous at all. I walked with a food bucket calling them for 45 minutes but no luck. Sat down at my computer and heard Chaco’s bell really faintly. Called him and he called back to me from INSIDE the house iN Jim’s closet. CJ said we had a ghost, Jim said it had to be CJ, and I was a little freaked out. Lucky for me, my goat whisperer friend  reminded me just to wait until morning because of course they would do it again. 

Sure enough, the next morning, Chaco’s bell woke me and I got to watch it all as it unfolded. 

They nibbled through the paracord on the gate and used their goat super squeeze super power to get into the fenced patio, then came in through the doggie door (yes, the big Nubian in her star wars coat!)

Then my Aussie and Rat Terrier promptly herded them into the closet.

And thats why i need a goat.

Until next time,

12 Responses

  1. theguster

    Pretty amazing story! So what will they do to prevent this from happening again? Maybe a chain on the gate instead of the cord would keep them in their pen. I hope the goats in the closet weren’t too traumatized by the whole thing.

    Arya, please tell us why you want a goat. Does Jack want one also?

    McDuff’s Mom

  2. Deborah Maria

    Arya, this is as good a reason as any to have a goat (or two). And yes, you need a job!

    Note to Arya’s mom: Arya REALLY needs a goat. Check your fences in the Far Forty. They might keep the squirrels at bay.

      1. Deborah Maria

        Ah, the neighbors. Well, yes, must consider them. Is there a very quiet breed of goat? Small, too. A little research, perhaps with a 4-H group, might bring a wealth of information. And a show-and-tell for neighbors? I believe goats do not create an odor. That may be why the closeted ones were not readily discovered. Goats can be good lawn-mowers!

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