Dear Diary. We had an Exciting Walk.


Dear Diary,

Mom and I took walk and it turned out Very Exciting.

We were almost home and the Very Big and Scary Dog got loose from his owner and started running towards us. He Chased Me Around Mom about three times and his leash tied her up. I was screaming and screaming and people started coming from all the houses. Mom’s feet were tied up by the Big Dog’s leash, so she fell down backwards in the street and then the Very Big and Scary Dog couldn’t go anywhere. The Big Dog’s owner grabbed him and I went back to Mom. I was scared and she was scared. Then a man came to check on Mom and I barked really loud at him.

The Very Big Dog’s owner was sitting in the street by Mom and Crying Her Head Off. Mom looked me over and I was just fine. I was just Very Scared. Mom got her ankles untied and then we went home and I had Treats. Mom had Treats, too.

I hope we don’t do that again. It was Not Very Fun.

Until Next Time.


P.S. Mom said to tell everyone that we are all fine. She is a little sore and I am a little “Skittish” (so I get lots of pat-pats and treats). The Very Big Dog is fine. And the Very Big Dog’s mom is fine, but she needs treats, too. Mom also said to tell everybody that this rodeo was not recorded and she has never been “Calf-Roped” before. And even if it was recorded, she would not show it to anyone. 🙂

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  1. Elizabeth Moore

    I am so glad that you and Mom are ok. It is very kind of you to care about the Big Dog too. Enjoy your treats and take very good care of Mom today.

  2. Marian Hogins

    Dear Arya, Big Dogs are scary, particularly when they charge. That’s why my Mom gets between them and me. Moms are great! Work that treat angle! Rig

  3. Gee, Arya this was an exciting even if scary walk. We sho get you one of those go pro camcorders so that you can record your walks and these exciting adventures. Even if your mom think she wouldn’t have shared today’s events, your fans would insist. Even if it is a dog level view, it would be cool to see the world as you do, bugs, buddies, approaching hoomons and their shoes and shins as they get close. With practice you could be creating award winning documentaries to expand the way we hoomons look at our shared world. enjoy the extra treats…

  4. theguster

    What a story, Arya! You and your mom must have been so frightened! It could have been a lot different if the Very Big and Scary Dog’s owner wasn’t there to intervene. I do hope the owner apologized and can find a way to keep a better hold on the dog so that never happens again!

    So glad you’re both o.k. and that you are enjoying the treats. What about Jack? I bet he had plenty to say about this too.

    McDuff’s Mom

  5. Deborah Maria

    Ohmygoodness! Why am I laughing? This was a Serious Event. Being chased. Calf-roped. Scared enough to scream and scream (as only an Australian cattle dog can howl). And then having your Mom fall into the street. Backwards! With her feet lassoed together. I am thankful that this Exciting Adventure had an okay ending. Whew…not funny.

    I can imagine the Big and Scary Dog’s Owner being mortified. Maybe she will take BSD to a class. They can attend together and learn a better dance for the public streets.

    Arya, you are a very good girl to alert everyone to the emergency that was happening and to stand by your mom while she recovered enough to go home.

    Treats were definitely good. Lots of treats…and pats…and calm words. Maybe your next walk will be along a different street.


    I’m glad everyone is okay. I’m sure it was a very tramatic experiece and I hope you are all over it soon! Love from Colorado, David Ferguson

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