A Bedtime Story: When Mom Went to See Winter

Mom told us this bedtime story about when she went to see Winter. It was a Long, Long Time Ago. It was at least Two Howling Moons ago. We went to Camp Tracy. And she went to Visit Winter in the far, far North.

She had to pack the Big Suitcases because she had to wear the Thick Clothings of the Hoomans. There was Lots and Lots of Snow where she went. Even the Water was frozen there. She sent us this picture of a Big Lake that was so frozen you could walk on it.

Mom had An Adventure. She said it was called Nordic Falling. (Then she laughed and laughed.) She said that the Hoomans call it Nordic Skiing because you wear skis. But she called it Nordic Falling because that’s what happens to Mom when she wears Skis.

We think that she should have taken Jack. Jack would not have fallen down. He could wear skis because his legs are Very Short.

The best part of the Bedtime Story about the North was the part about The Sled Dogs. Mom got to meet the Northern Dogs who run Very Fast and Pull Sleds.

The Sled Dogs get to eat Lots and Lots of Food because their job is to pull the Hoomans on the Sled of the Dogs. Mom rode on a Sled and she recorded the First Part of the Ride. We would like to Eat Lots and Lots of Food. Maybe Arya could be a Sled Dog. And Jack could ride in the Sled with Mom.

Mom had a Very Good Time. But Next Time she should take us. And we can Walk on the Frozen Water like the Sled Dogs.

We like this Bedtime Story. Maybe Mom will tell us this story again tonight.

Jack and Arya

3 Responses

  1. theguster

    This bedtime story makes me cold just hearing about it! Burrrrrrrrrr! If you guys ever got to go up North I hope you would be wearing warm woolen jackets!

    McDuff’s Mom

  2. Deborah Maria

    Wow! This is a wonderful bedtime story! It is best listened to when tummy is full, fire is blazing, bed is snuggly-warm, and dreams are near.

    Jack and Arya, your mum remembers grand things from her Nordic Falling Snow-cation to tell you about!

    Camp Tracy is probably better…for you. Remember all the good stuff there.

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