Mr. Squirrel, You’ve Got Mail!

Dear Diary,

Mr. P. Nut Squirrel got A Package at our house this week. It came in The Mail. We like The Mail. Every day, we go to Check the Mail in the front yard. Then we come back in the house and Get A Treat!

A Package was in the mailbox. And when Mom opened it, we saw that it was for Mr. P. Nut Squirrel from his relatives in Colorado. They went on a Big Trip to Minnesota and sent Mr. Squirrel a present.

Jack and I sniffed it and there was not Anything To Eat. So we gave it to Mr. P. Nut Squirrel and he put it in his house up in the tree in the Back Yard.

I like Mr. Squirrel. We play Lots and Lots of games. My favorite one is Chase. He comes onto the back porch and I Chase him off.

Until next time. Love,

P.S. Mr. Squirrel is not very good at writing Thank You Notes. I hope his cousins will understand. ❤

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  1. Deborah Maria

    What fun! Your mail is Very Interesting some days, Arya.

    Mr. P. Nut may have liked his mail better if it had a can of nuts rather than a picture of cans of nuts. YOU may have liked that, too. Nuts are very good to eat.

    I like the idea of having a snack after retrieving the mail. I may start doing that – for ME!

    Soft pats.

    p.s. I give my back yard squirrel apple pieces. She likes that very much. The big Jay Bird does, too. They entertain my cats by hanging around for the food.

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