Flat Jack Writes Home

If only I had brought my swimming gear.

Mom would not let me pee on this rock. She said something about Sacred and Profane and Arrest.  

There are some very funny looking hoomans in Ireland. 

Mom would not take my picture with Bonnie of Enniskillen. I think I am in love. 

Wish you were here. Until next time. 

Flat Jack

6 Responses

  1. theguster

    You must be having a wonderful time, Flat Jack, and now you think you are in love! Did you bring any flowers to Bonnie? She would be very pleased if you did!

    McDuff’s Mom

  2. Deborah

    FJ, whata grand adventure – not a wee one! I thought maybe it was too much serious pilgrimage for you. I am happy to see you having fun. Oooooh — Bonnie!

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