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  1. Deborah Maria

    very true, jack — especially for hoomans. my kitties will have their patio door opened after the sky is bright again monday, just to be safe.

    i was curious about the eclipse and pets and wildlife. this is what my kitties’ doctor told me:

    “No need to worry about any outdoor animals. They instinctively avoid looking at the sun. They may notice it getting darker, but they won’t think to look to the sky for the reason behind that. Dove Lewis (top-notch emergency vet hospital here) posted a helpful article regarding the eclipse and pets that you can check out:”

    https://www.dovelewis.org/news/landing/is-your-pet-prepared-for-the-total-solar-eclipse/13 829/

    you and arya and my kitties can have a special 2-minute nap time monday! both homes are along path of near-totality — dark in the middle of the morning!

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