Flat Jack Comes Home from the Eclipse

This week, Flat Jack came home from his Eclipse Adventure. He arrive via post in an envelope with an Eclipse Stamp! Flat Jack really travels in style.

Flat Jack viewed the eclipse from Casper, Wyoming, where some Very Serious Eclipse Watchers gathered. He was the guest of his friend, Marian. For the Eclipse, Flat Jack wore his swimming togs. After all, it was Summer!

Viewing the Eclipse was a once-in-a-lifetime event. Unfortunately, Flat Jack got really sleepy as it was getting dark and he snoozed through the 3 minutes of Totality. But, asleep or not, he was there! Flat Jack – Present for the Great Total Eclipse!!

I’d like to thank Marian and all the Hoomans who have hosted Flat Jack in travels the last few months. We hope he was well behaved and didn’t eat to much or bark at the wrong time or inconvenience you in any way. Flat Jack says that the Vacations of Hoomans are the Best!!

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