An Apology

Dear Diary,

Mom says we owe An Apology To The Neighborhood for all the barking this morning.

We went out in the back yard and there was A Varmint there. Right in Our Back Yard. Right in The Ground

We barked and barked. Jack even ran down into the back yard.

Then Mom had to slide down the hill in her PJs and tell us to “Be Quiet!!!” And “Come Here!!!”

Mom said “Thank Goodness It Wasn’t a Skunk!!!”

Mom closed the gate so it can get away.

We need a nap now. After breakfast.

Until next time.

Love, Arya

11 Responses

  1. Deborah Maria

    Like Sue Ellen said! What’s a doggie to do other than bark — at varmints?!

    Arya, in the photo you look scolded and Jack looks contrite. Mom probably didn’t like sliding down the hillside in her PJs. And it was probably early. Anything before breakfast is early.

    Wow. Exciting neighborhood. Your neighbors will read the apology and smile and forgive. Especially if the varmint leaves totally. I would forgive you. Anytime.

  2. theguster

    In this case there’s a fine line between instinct and making a ruckus. I can’t find fault here, when it could have been a fox or a bear instead of a varmint.! Jack and Arya were protecting their home and their ‘Mom’. Not only should the neighbors forgive you, they should be thanking you both!

      1. theguster

        Here in East Tennessee, which I moved to a little over a year ago, we do have varmints and critters that I never had on Long Island, NY. I haven’t seen any yet and hope I never do. I am told we have hawks and owls that can swoop down for their prey and carry them off so I never, ever leave my dog outside in the yard alone.

  3. Deborah Maria

    p.s. I liked the first spelling. I figured it was truly Arya writing:
    “An Apolgy” 😉 Someone edited it. Some EDITOR, I’ll bet.

    Like TheGuster said and aside from the likely rightness of the barked warning (and we don’t know HOW early), the apology was a nice thing to do, Ms. Arya.

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