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  1. Deborah Maria

    Ah, another warm memory. Thanks, Arya.

    Your photo is beautiful. You look good in new your purple harness. Gold leaves around you compliment your coat. I’ll bet you were having a good walk — with enticing autumn smells.

    I walked my neighbor-dog Kokanee today. He is some kind of ‘snickerdoodle’ dog (that’s what I call all those ‘doodles’). It was a sniff-walk — more sniffing than walking.

    Your nose may fill with great aromas Thursday. Wait and see!

  2. theguster

    There are always so many memories that remind us of our loved ones who have gone across to the Rainbow Bridge. We hope that you and your peep find comfort in one and other and know that
    Jack is well again and he will be in your hearts forever!

  3. Sorry to hear of Jack’s passing. this past year, we lost the companionship of 3 dogs and one cat.
    Will humans ever be as loveable as our cats and dogs? Would that not be wonderful.
    We mourn with you. (we have always found that another cat or dog is waiting and wanting
    for our love.) love, bill morgan

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