Happy Birthday to Turbo

Today is New Year’s Eve and my friend, Turbo’s 11th Birthday. Me and mom are taking care of Turbo while her hoomans are out of town for the holiday.

Turbo lives Next Door. She comes over to Play and hang out and then she sleeps at Her House.

Tonight we had a Birthday Party. We had Hats and Treats. I did not like the hat. It tickled my ear. Turbo has so much fur that she didn’t notice the hat. We both liked the Treats!!!

Mom said to tell you all Happy New Year!!!

Love, Arya

6 Responses

  1. theguster

    I think it’s nice that you have a guest, Turbo, for tonight! The B-Day celebration must have been fun. We will try to stay awake tonight to see the ball drop in NYC. Wishing you three a Happy New Year and a Happy B-Day to Turbo!

  2. Deborah Maria

    Pink party plates! Just the things for girls’ treats.

    Turbo is 11. That’s a big deal. She wears her Sponge Bob hat at quite a stylish angle.

    What fun, Arya. Happy New Year to you and the great hoomans in your life and Turbo, too! Have a good New Year’s walk tomorrow. I should do that, too. If I had a doggie, I might walk more?

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