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  1. theguster

    Yup, a good walk is like a good sniff! And if it’s not bitter cold out like it’s been here lately, that’s even better!

      1. theguster

        Yes, my peep takes me for a long walk twice a day – but when it’s really cold she puts a red woolen sweater on me because shes’ cold. She says it doesn’t matter that Scotties are supposed to be used to very cold weather and the Scottish moors. If she’s cold, she swears I’m cold too! Her Irish wool sweater, puffy down jacket, earmuffs, hat, woolen scarf and suede gloves take forever to put on, and I swear it slows her down as she walks, but that’s how she
        tolerates the cold!

  2. Deborah Maria

    I can see you taking in those aromas, Arya. You look very serious. I took my little neighbor Harry for a walk this week. He sniffed a lot, too — and a kitty followed us. You surely are pretty in purple!

      1. Deborah Maria

        The door is open! The cats run and hide but after a while they peek out, especially Charlie. The cat who followed us lived near Harry. Harry has a cat, Felix. My cats would never follow a dog but if one were in the house…hmm.

        How cold was it?! Too cold to walk a dog is mighty cold! I was focused farther north.

      2. Deborah Maria

        Brrrrrr…makes me shiver just to read “low 20s” — and that was your HIGH? Mercy, mercy. I heard on NPR today that Northerners were looking askance at someone in the South who complained that it was so cold that she had to wear her hoodie. HA!

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