Jack’s Book, Kindle Edition


NASHVILLE, TN. The Daily Dog, Local Edition.

The Kindle Edition of Jack’s Book of Blessings: Celtic Poems by a Scottie Dog has been released and is ready for download. Marketing Manager and Sister of Jack, Arya the Porch Dog, shared this news in a hastily called press conference late yesterday. Jack’s Book, wildly successful in the “Owned by Dogs” community, was the “Number 1 New Release in Irish and British Poetry” on Amazon for 14 consecutive days.

Arya appeared at the press conference in a new, purple harness. It has been rumored that she ditched her first collar somewhere in the back yard. She declined to answer questions about this rumor, stating that “This is the time to focus on Jack’s Book, Kibble edi…. Uh, Kindle Edition. Thank you for your support.”

The press conference ended with Arya loudly chasing a squirrel off the deck. [END]

P.S. Get Jack’s Book.

P.P.S. This is NOT fake news.

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  1. Deborah Maria

    I love this!!! Arya has come into her own as a Marketing Manager. This builds on her talent as Jack’s Campaign Manager a few years ago (when he won President of the Back Yard election). Kibble edition, indeed. Irish and British Poetry – who knew?! I’ll shall tell my Kith and Kin(dle) – so they may purchase pronto, Pup!

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