Arya Goes to Camp

Company was coming, so Arya got to go to camp.

From Tracy, director and proprietor of Camp Tracy:

~ I put Arya in the back of my car and didn’t realize until halfway home that I didn’t have the gate up, but … she stayed in the back of the car!! She got out of the car at my house, went right to the neighbors yard to pee, and by the time I was at the gate, so was she. You guys have done a very good job working with her on that.

~I spent the day taking toys away from your girl. I would swear I prep before she comes, removing all of Said’s favorite toys (the ones he doesn’t want chewed up), but she finds the ones I’ve missed every time. Luckily I have enough indestructible toys for her to play with that she keeps busy.

~You know Said and Arya get along so well I think I could feed them side by side with no fuss. I put the baby gate up just in case and when I open it after they are done eating they lick out each other’s bowls.

~I had forgotten how much Said loves Arya. She is one of the few dogs that he loves to play with and will bug and bug her until she plays.

~Arya threw up this a.m. I don’t know why, maybe eating grass? She got only barley and yogurt for breakfast which she was not so thrilled about, I’ll tell you. She got regular food for dinner and biscuits during the day so was a happy girl.

1 Response

  1. Deborah Maria

    Did Arya’s mom sew her name tag inside her blankie? That’s what you do when you go to camp, isn’t it?

    What a wonderful report! Arya has come a long way (period)!

    Maybe we can see a photo of Arya’s friend Said someday. Interesting name.

    I wouldn’t want someone chewing on MY favorite toys, either! But a girl’s gotta chew….

    Camp. What a great idea — and the neighbor’s yard is handy. (ha ha)

    Thanks for sharing the tale.

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