Dear Diary: Squirrel Nursery

Dear Diary,

The squirrels are keeping a Squirrel Nursery on My Deck. There are three baby squirrels eating the bird food.

My job is to chase them away. I am Very Busy in my job.

I watch out the window and I watch out of the dog door. When I Run Out and Bark, they go away. For a few minutes.

This job is hard work. Mom says I am a Good Dog.

Until next time,


15 Responses

  1. Deborah Maria

    Arya, you learned your Squirrel Chasing Lesson well from your dear Jack. GOOD DOG! Didn’t he almost fly off the deck when chasing critters?

    Look at your fine collar! It’s beautiful.

  2. good looking collar Arya, not so sure that chasing the young squirrels away is the best use of your time, but I’ll let you and your mom decide about that… I like all god’s creatures, including squirrels and dogs and cats.

    1. Deborah Maria

      Indeed, I like squirrels, too. I kept them out of the birds’ food by putting ears of dry corn and fresh apples on small stakes.

  3. theguster

    You are doing such a good job, Arya. Squirrels can be really pesky, and I bet your Mom is so
    proud of you. Jack would approve as well!

    And, yes, your collar is really beautiful!

  4. I guess you are doing what needs to be done to help the birds but the poor baby squirrels gotta eat, too. Maybe there is another way to keep them from eating the birdseed. Your collar is so pretty. Is it new?

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