A Package Arrives – From Jack

A year ago this time, Jack wasn’t feeling well, but we didn’t know why. It was on October 22 that he crossed the Rainbow Bridge. We still miss him, but we are planning for a puppy in the next few months or so. We are grateful for the sweetness and kindness of friends, far and near.

Yesterday the postal carrier brought a package — Special Delivery — from Jack. (Through the sweet kindness, generosity, and creativity of Auntie Deborah in Oregon.)

October 7, 2019

Dear Moms,

We haven’t talked for a while. Things here are great. Life with you was wonderful. You are the best moms ever. Spec and I talk often. He agrees.

I can do anything! I play with cats – they are really soft. I talk with everyone; we understand each other. I am afraid of nothing. Oh … I can ride a bike! And I do not chase the critters.

On this pillow is a picture of how you might see me. I’m not really white. Everything glows here. You might call it white but it’s different. Still, I am like the biggest “Westie” here! Woof-woof!

We think it’s time for you to find our successor. Enclosed is a little gift for the pup. Have a good walks and cuddles. See you later.

Love you!
Your #1 Jack

Thank you, Auntie Deborah!! ❤