The Birthday

Dear Jack,

A year ago today we celebrated your 8th birthday, but you were not feeling well. A year ago tomorrow, you crossed the Rainbow Bridge and our hearts were broken.

We still miss you … the click-click-click of your feet on the floor. Your giant bark that let us know we were not keeping up our part of the household agreement. We even miss the trail of water your beard left on the floor after you got a drink.

And … you are still here in so many ways. When your Book of Blessing came out in March, we learned that you had friends and admirers all around the world. You are pretty much an inspiration to us hoomans, a bunch of canines, and even a few cats.

On this eve of your feast day, we want to say thank you for the gift you were to us. There will never be another “you.” You shaped our hearts and changed us forever. And we will always be grateful for you and for these special days we walked together.

Love, Mom (Beth)